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I was somehow persuaded to paint a fiberglass buffalo as a fund raiser for Dixie State University in my home town, St. George. Ken Garff Ford commissioned it and will display it on their corner of Dixie Dr. and Blackridge Dr. Because I executed it in oils, it’s in the showroom drying for a few months.

The paintings on the buffalo depict a fictitious crime in which a wild bunch of cowboys on horseback and Model T are making their escape after painting “Ford” on St. George’s famous landmark Sugarloaf Mountain, long decorated with “Dixie.” They’re carrying buckets of paint and have paint rollers lashed to their rifles. With apologies to Remington…

The other side features a fine young rider named Sam Gubler who posed for me, along with his horses. He is depicted riding along the bluff overlooking Snow Canyon, after hanging “Ford” signs on the government signs forbidding horses.

The Buffalo can be seen in the Ken Garff Ford showroom right now. And it would be a real shame if you bought a car while you’re there. They’d hate that!

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